Direct Mail Services

In the Digital World we live in, it may seem surprising that direct mail services are still widely used. But not only is Direct Mail still a popular marketing too, but it's also considered incredibly effective as well. In fact, direct mail has a 90% open rate, which is an impressive number by itself, but especially when compared to email's average open rate, which is just 23%.

With Vegas Design's direct mail services, you can send information about your company's products or offerings directly through the United States Postal Service or any delivery service of your choosing. It's simple, cost-effective and provides a fast and efficient way to get your brand seen.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a form of direct marketing that involves physical marketing materials or advertisements that are sent through the mail directly to a prospect's mailbox. Sometimes referred to as “mailers,” these flyers, brochures or catalogs typically include a company's logo, contact details and a summary of key products or services. They also feature a strong Call-to-Action (CTA), such as “Sign up for a free trial today!” or “Buy before the end of the year and save 20%.” Some mailers are detailed and thorough multi-page booklets while others are simple postcards with minimalist designs. How creative and in-depth you want to get with your direct mail is entirely up to you.

Direct mail marketing materials include:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Dimensional mailers
  • Flyers
  • And more!

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail stands out—These days, everyone is inundated with emails, pop-ups and electronic ads. Sometimes the best way for a business to set itself apart from the competition is to reach out to customers in an entirely unexpected way, like through a traditional approach like direct mail. Not only is there less competition in this medium, but there's also an opportunity to get creative with your formatting and presentation.

Tip: Add a handwritten note or signature for a personalized touch.

Direct mail is tangible—People tend to better remember something they have to physically touch or handle. Because each recipient will spend several seconds opening and considering your mailer before setting it aside, this means your brand will likely stay “top of mind” longer.

Tip: Include a coupon or offer that requires the person to take an action, like take the mailer into your business to redeem a prize or save on a product sale. This will help ensure your customer holds onto your ad and then later visits your business.

Direct mail reaches audiences that digital mail or ads can't—Not everyone uses social media or email, and certain segments of the population may not be good fits for a digital marketing campaign. This is where direct mail can come in handy, because it can help widen your advertising reach.

Direct Mail in a Digital World

The best marketing strategies are ones that combine advertising both on and offline This is why implementing a mail strategy that includes integrated marketing is key.

Integrated marketing blends a direct mail campaign with an online component, such as personalized URL landing pages, QR codes, social media or email marketing. This ensures a “multi-touch” campaign, which is considered the most effective way to convert the casual shopper into a loyal customer.

How to Make Your Mailer Memorable

  • Get colorful and creative—Bright colors and big fonts work well in direct mail marketing. But so too does unique shapes and packaging.
  • Be personal—Use people's first names and create mailers with a specific demographic in mind. The more precise you can get in your targeting, the better, as this will help you design ads that make your potential customers feel valued and appreciated.
  • Track your efforts—This is where QR codes, unique URLs and unique phone numbers (generated specifically for your ads) can help. By tracking conversions, you'll know exactly which types of mailers and messaging offer the biggest return on investment so that you can replicate them for future campaigns.

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